Enjoy our irresistible cupcakes!

Perfect for giveaways and gifts for your guests or simply enjoy them at home with your family and friends.

Minimum order of 12 pcs – same kind or assorted flavor

Available Packaging: Box of 1; Box of 2; Box of 4; Box of 6; Special Individual Box



Choco Crunch P59.00

Choco Crunchy Madness P64.00

Lolli-Pink Buttercream P59.00

Lolli-Pink Buttercream P64.00

Crisscross Peppermint Mocha P59.00

Crisscross Peppermint Mocha P64.00

Blue Vanilla Sundae P59.00

Blue Vanilla Sundae P64.00


Devilish Double Temptation P49.00

Devilish Double Temptation P59.00

Choco Mallow Vanilla Mallow Mocha Mallow P49.00

Choco Mallow
Vanilla Mallow
Mocha Mallow













Kids-fave Cookies and Cream P69.00

Kids-fave Cookies and Cream P74.00

Black Velvet Cupcake P69.00

Black Velvet Cupcake P74.00

Red Velvet Cupcake P69.00

Red Velvet Cupcake P74.00

Oreo Red Velvet Cheesecake P69.00

Oreo Red Velvet Cupcake P74.00

Other Cupcakes:

Smores Cupcake P64.00

Sagada Coffee Cupcake P64.00

Triple Choco Cupcake P64.00

Banana Choco Fudge Cupcake P64.00

Vanilla Caramel Cupcake P64.00

Choco Caramel Cupcake P64.00

Carrot Cupcake P74.00

Choco Sundae Cupcake P74.00








RV Cheesecake

Red Velvet Cheesecake P94.00

Black Velvet Cheesecake P89.00

Black Velvet Cheesecake P94.00

Blueberry Cheesecake P89.00

Blueberry Cheesecake P94.00

Cookie Dough Cheesecake P89.00

Cookie Dough Cheesecake P94.00

Other Cheesecakes:

Oreo Fudge Cheesecake P94.00

Caramel Cheesecake P94.00

Strawberry Cheesecake P94.00

Campfire Smores Cheesecake P94.00


*Cupcake Flavors are also available in different sizes:

MINI CUPCAKES = P25.00 (same flavors as regular cupcakes; minimum order 24 pcs)

MINI CHEESECAKES = P35.00 (same flavors as cheesecakes, minimum order 24 pcs)

6 INCH CAKE = P700.00(same flavors as regular cupcakes)

6 INCH CHEESECAKE = P900.00 (same flavors as cheesecakes)

9 INCH CAKE = P1,300.00 (same flavors as regular cupcakes)

9 INCH CHEESECAKE = P1,850.00 (same flavors as cheesecakes)


View available packagings here.



Other Pastries:

Cookies: P175.00 – 12 pcs (minimum of 12 pcs per kind)

  • Choco Crinkles
  • Choco White Fudge
  • Black and White Cookies
  • Red Velvet Cookies
  • Red Velvet Crinkles


Brownies: P60.00 per pc (minimum of 8 pcs per kind)

  • Brownie Mallow
  • Turtlepie Brownie
  • Red Velvet Brownie
  • Salted Caramel Brownie
  • Brookies


Pastries (minimum of 12 pcs per kind)

  • Choco Lollipop P35.00
  • Oreo Pops P35.00
  • Cake Pops P45.00
  • Cookie Cups P60.00


Other Treats

  • Smores Crack P275.00 (180 grams); P185.00 (110 grams)
  • White Choco Crack P275.00 (180 grams); P185.00 (110 grams)


Specialty Cakes: 9 inches cake


Winter Red Velvet P660.00

Choco Yema

Choco Yema P660.00


Mango Mousse P720.00

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake P720.00 (Seasonal)

K&L Sagada Coffee Mallow

Sagada Coffee Mallow P660.00





















Choco Dream Cake P660.00






Note for orders:

P3,000.00 minimum purchase before we can deliver (plus corresponding delivery charge)

P500.00 minimum purchase to pick up your orders at our commissary in White Plains, Quezon City