Corporate clients can rely on us in providing them quality and reasonably-priced items for:

  • Employee Gifts, Giveaways, and Incentives
  • Corporate Parties and Get-Togethers
  • Company Trainings, Team Buildings, and Sportsfest
  • Department Meetings
  • Product or Store Launching
  • Giveaways for Customers and Clients
  • Contract Signing with Clients
  • Marketing Events
  • Other Corporate Affairs
  • NEW: Send A Cupcake – Send cupcakes to your partners and clients in Manila



Please just email us your ideas or designs and we’ll see what we can do to help you with your projects.


We also do Catering Services for Company Events. (c/o K&L Cafe)


Listen, we’ve listed down what we can help you with. Rest assured, we’ll do our best for you.
  • Personalized

Whatever theme you can think of, we can create it for you.

  • Unique

Cupcakes serve a dual role! They delight your eyes and satisfy your tummies!

  • Packages

Bid goodbye to hassle and say hello to convenient packages!

  • Delivery and Set up

We’ll be the one to worry that the cupcakes get to you in its best quality.

  • Coordination

Experience our VIP treatment each time you have an order!

  • Two Days Lead Time

As long as there are no super complicated requirements, we can deliver your order by the time you need it. We guarantee that it’s freshly baked every time.

  • Value For Money

Excellent Quality + Affordable Rates = BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!

  • Flexible

Let us adjust to your varying requirements.

  • Terms of Payment

You can have options in paying for your orders. You can either pay cash on delivery, bank deposit, or you can settle your accounts on credit. Corporate Accounts can get 30 days credit for orders or even up to 60 days for others.


Some of our regular clients:Corporate



If you’re based outside the Philippines, we can give your gift of cupcakes to your clients or partners in Manila. We can deliver and you don’t have to be worried!

Gift to Manila