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Born in November 2006, Blushing Cupcakes Café was created out of love, enthusiasm and passion. Our business started at home and extended our craft to friends and family that brought joy not only to their faces but also to their tummy. From “Happy Cupcakes”, our business grew to a much wider market and renamed to “Blushing Cupcakes”.

Blushing Cupcakes boasts of its delicious cupcakes offering them at an affordable price. Our bestseller cupcake is the famous Red Velvet Cheesecake.

We specialize in customizing cupcakes, cakes and other pastries for special events or parties. We also serve a number of corporate clients, who are in need of gift ideas for their clients and employees.

If you have an upcoming celebration or are looking for the perfect gift, simply call us and order.


Sisters Behind Blushing Cupcakes Cafe:

We’re sisters, Karen and Loren. Together, we run this online cupcake bakery. Karen and Loren

Why you ask did we name it that?

We grew up in Baguio City and we transferred to Manila during high school. Our classmates used to tease us everyday that our cheeks were so red and would constantly tell us “yiheee, bluuuuushiiiing!!!”.

Why bake those fluffy cupcakes and mouthwatering desserts you may ask again?

We SUPER LOVE DESSERTS! It makes us high, perky, excited, and very very very happy! Did I say very? I say verrrrrry!

We decided we would like to share our passion to the world through our cupcakes! We believe cupcakes that are shared makes a happier world!

Last October 2014, we just put up a new brand, K&L Café by Blushing Cupcakes in White Plains Quezon City, which specializes in using Baguio ingredients and delicacies for the menu. (Guess what K&L means?!)

Know more about this interesting cafe here.







Our Other Ventures:

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